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1986!!!!! It was the year of Haley's Comet...."Herb" was the icon at Burger King....we listened... to Madonna's "True Blue" and Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet"...."Top Gun" was the top flick that soared into the "Danger Zone"... we wanted to dress like "Crockett and Tubbs"....We all knew "Norm's" name at "Cheers"...the only "Boss" we knew was Bruce Springsteen and everyone had a Coca-Cola Shirt, Big Hair and one or more Swatch Watches. Yep, 1986!! Above all, this was the year Grand Blanc's BEST class graduated!  So glad we have this opportunity to reconnect and stay in touch.

Quick Summary:

Our 25-year class reunion was held on July 22, 2011 in Grand Blanc, MI at the Genesys Banquet and Conference Center. This website was created during the planning phase of that event and focuses mostly on that night.  However, as more events take place, further information/pics will be added.

We are always open to ideas and suggestions for other content to use to enhance this web site.

$1,500 Scholarship Recipient- 2012

Our Community Service Project for the 25-year Class Reunion was to raise $1,500 for the Jason P. Briody Scholarship at the high school.  We are fortunate to have very kind and generous people in our graduating class.  We had no problem reaching this goal with a silent auction and charitable contributions. 

Per Julie Grant:  "Mark Winter and I had the honor and privilege of presenting the Jason P. Briody Scholarship to an amazing senior by the name of Michal Li on May 17, 2012.  The Class of 1986 can be proud that through the scholarship we were able to contribute some financial help to someone who is ready to go out and change the world... and who just might do it!!!  In addition to the award we presented to him, he received 4 others, including the Robert Tartoni Scholarship, as well as NHS honors.  Michael will be entering an accelerated 7-year M.D. program in the fall and plans to go into biomedical engineering.  Oh!  And he teaches piano to kids and plays piano in nursing homes in his spare time (when Michael is not keeping up his 4.0+ GPA in all honors/AP classes). Stellar kid!!!  I'm sure Jason would approve!  Many thanks to all who contributed.  Let's do it again next year!!!

Per Michelle Cherveny-Shook: "Had a brainstorming meeting on June 19 at Little Joe's for our Jason P. Briody Memorial Scholarship to raise more money for a high school student in GBHS Class of 2013. We would like to target the fall. There were some great ideas such as a golf outing, selling carmel apples or the like at Homecoming, party where you buy tickets, silent auction, wine tasting, drive in or movie night, people buy coupons where proceeds go to the cause, bowling event, 80's fest...and many more. We would like to get the community involved! What ideas do you like? What are some other ideas? Next meeting will be end of July.

Thank You!!!


The GBHS Class of '86 25-Year Reunion Planning Committee would like to thank EVERY BOBCAT who participated in our silver anniversary event on July 22, 2011 at Genesys Banquet and Conference Center... those who purchased tickets, those who couldn't attend yet sent in contributions to the Jason P. Briody Scholarship, those who couldn't attend but did a "cheer" at 9:00 p.m. or later the day of the event, and those quietly, confident Bobcats who merely kept us in their thoughts.  Thank you ALL ! 

We had a respectable turn out with 25% of the class we could find attending. We had photo albums, picture posters, yearbooks, senior night memorabilia, stories, laughter, dinner, dancing, and most important- FUN! Pictures of the evening can be found in the photo gallery of this website or on our class Facebook page.  Feel free to upload pictures of your own to either site.  We'd love to see them.  

We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.  We look forward to serving you again at the 30-year class reunion.  


The GBHS Class of '86 Planning Committee


1)  If you attended this year's event and would like to provide a testimonial to encourage others to attend the 30-year reunion, please leave a post in the "News" tab above.

2)  If you have ideas or suggestions for when and where to have the 30-year reunion, please post comments in the "News" tab above.

3)  If you have information that pertains to your fellow Bobcats that you'd like to share, please keep us informed by writing posts on our FB page or by sending information to Susan Snell-Allen to post on our website(s) at [email protected]  

4)  If you have a change of address/phone/e-mail, etc...  please keep us informed.  Send updated contact information to Julie Grant at [email protected] 

5)  If you come across an '86 Bobcat who is on our search list below, please get their contact information and forward along to Julie Grant at [email protected]

6)  If you are aware of the death of an '86 Bobcat, please keep us informed.  Again, contact Julie Grant.  NOTE: We have been unsuccessful at our attempts to track down Steve Thompson's obituary or family members.  If you have information on either, please contact Julie Grant at [email protected]

Donations to the Jason Paul Briody Memorial Scholarship

We have some outstanding news to share with the class:

The GBHS Class of 1986 EXCEEDED their goal of raising $1,000 for the Jason P. Briody Memorial Scholarship at the 25-year reunion by raising an actual grand total of $1,415!!!  

Many thanks to all who participated for your support and generosity.  It's appreciated.

We will be accepting donations to the scholarship through August 15, 2011.  If you are interested in donating to the scholarship, please write out a check made payable to "GBHS Class of 1986"  On the memo line of the check, write "scholarship donation."  

Then, mail your check to:

Michelle (Cherveny) Shook                                                                                             RE:  Scholarship Donation                                                                                              328 Rust Park Dr.                                                                                                         Grand Blanc, MI  48439

Look for a Facebook page to be created in the near future to facilitate continued support of the scholarship year round.   

Facebook Account(s)

We encourage you to reconnect with GBHS Class of '86 classmates by joining our Facebook group at: 

1)  Grand Blanc High School Class of 1986 at:                                                                                             

Grand Blanc Community Schools Alumni Association- Class of 1986


You can find us on the official GBHS Alumni website at:

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The Grand Blanc Alumni Association can be found on the GBHS fusion web page at:


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In Memorium


1)  Monica Maria Aichner:  Death- Tuesday, October 8, 1985

2)  Jason Paul Briody:  (age 17)  Birth-  August 22, 1968
                                                    Death- Friday, March 7, 1986

3)  Jason Michael Trombley: (age 17)  Birth-  October 10, 1968
                                                              Death- Sunday, March 9, 1986

4)  Stephen Leslie Thompson:  (age 30)  Birth:  April 24, 1967
                                                                 Death- Sunday, December 21, 1997

5)  Raymond Joseph Gabera:  (age 36)  Birth- April 19, 1968 
                                                               Death-  Tuesday, September 7, 2004

6)  Richard Hu: (age 37)  Birth- December 9, 1967
                                          Death- Sunday, June 12, 2005

7)  Wendy R. (Minarik) Williams:  (age 40)  Birth- February 9, 1968
                                                                   Death- Friday, February 22, 2008

8)  Robert S. Tannenbaum:  (age 42)                                                     
                                                           Birth- July 19, 1968
                                                           Death- Friday, December 24, 2010 

9)  John David Horan: (age 43)  
                                                 Birth- November 25, 1967
                                                 Death- Friday, May 13, 2011 

10)  Mike Schoen: (age 45)
                                                 Birth- July 18, 1968
                                                 Death- Monday, December 16, 2013 @ 1:35 pm

11)  Curt "Moon Man" Mooney: (age 46) Due to the recent nature of his death, details are unavailable.
                                                 Birth- January 1, 1968
                                                 Death- Sunday, August 24, 2014


Classmates We Are Searching For


If you would like to update your mailing address, phone number, or e-mail address please contact fellow classmate Julie Grant at [email protected]
(A-B) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates:  Kathleen Amy-Robinson, Annette Arnold, Annmarie Arteaga, Miguel Arteaga, Joanna Barnes, Becky Beagle, David Beardslee, Joshua Beckman, Lisa Beers, Beth Benjamin-Woolston, Paul Bertrand, Alan Birdsey, Dennis Blake, Rob Bonasse, Catherine Brabbs, Susan Bronz, Michelle Brown, Robert Bryan, Lori Buchanan, or Carrie Buszka? (20 people)
‎(C-D) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates: Caryn Cadwallader, Rich Carpenter, Joel Churches, Richard Clark, Kelli Clear, Patty Cole, Scott Colvin, Kathryn Coon, David Cox, Michael Cunningham, Lorraine D'Alesseo, Michelle Dallaire, Dana Demuynck, Lorilee Dicaire, Ronald Doan, Robert Doherty, Charles Douglass, William Downer, or Paul Ducharme? (19 people)
(E-F) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates:  John Ennest, Mark Evans, Mark Farrell, Heidi Ferch, Steven Ferguson, Jeffrey Flowers, Lisa Forgett, Carrie Freiberger, or Martha Furmark? (9 people)
(G-H) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates: Ester Garcia,Tracy Goforth, Brian Goggins, Mark Goodwin, Harold Goold, Herb Green, Matt Green, Martha Grimes, Mridu Gupta, Brian Haffner, Linda Hagen, Cari Harris, Bruce Hart, Christina Haven, Dana Headrick, Dennis Hegg, Susan Heib, Rich Henderson, David Hobson, Dawn Hoke, Brian Holyfield, Jeff Houpt, or Jodi Hurula? (23 people)
‎(I-J) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates: Chikage Ichikawa, Takako Igaraski, Brian Johns, Craig Johnson, Karla Joseph, or Lori Judson-Beaurup? (6 people)
(K-L) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates: Dawn Kane, Jeff Kato, Lisa Keene, Linda (Michelle) Keyser, Todd Keyworth, Stacy Kowalski, Paul Latreille, Mark Lavelle, James Lawrence, Rachel Lazar, Chris Lee, David Lemke, Thanh Leonard, Joseph Leptich, Teresa Lenz, Yenny Lim, Diana Lind, Patrick Lindmark, Sheri Lyon, or Richard Lyons? (20 people)
(M-N) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates: Stephanie Mac, Trevor Mack, David Martin, Adam Matlock, Stephen McDonald, Alba Medina, Daniel Menne, Lisa Moore, Robin Morrish, or Tony Morrish? (10 people)
(O-Q) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates: Lisa Owens, Paul Owens, Thanh Thi Pham, Susan Pickett-Buck, Laura Powers, Roger Pruett, or James Puzycki? (7 people)
(R,S,T) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates: Terri Reid-Barker, Linda Reysersun, Heidi Richey, Rich Richmond, Herb Riniolo, Scott Rowell, Shelly Schmitter, Rob Scott, Stephanie Sebert, Stephanie Sheikh, Paula Slater, Geoffrey Smith, Jodie Smith-Bellairs, Susie Smith, Mike Snyder, Stephanie Steel, Amy Stegall, Amy Stewart, Kelli Stewart, Lisa Stewart, Nancy Stheiner, Deborah Stone, Mark Tabit, Kelly Tanner, Joel Taylor, Heather Thompson, Stephanie Thomas, Travis Tiernan, Christina Toet, Curt Tramble, Michael Tremblay, or Susan Tyska? (32 people)
(U,V,W,X,Y,Z) Does anyone know how to reach the following classmates: Verde VanSickle, Mike Wagner, Cherie Wallace, Sheila Ward, Susan Ward, Ann Marie Waters, Kim Weeks, Richard Weirmiller, Kelly Wheeler, Lori White, Amy Whitney, Robert Winterrowd, Kelly Withe, Bruce Wright, Darla Wright, Sonia Yeich, Karla Young, Mark Zaleski, or Elizabeth Ziegler? (19 people)

NOTE:  As of July 9, 2011, there's only 165/462= 35% of the class left to find.  65% of our classmates have been contacted using either Facebook,, Grand Blanc Alumni Association, e-mail, phone, or word-of-mouth. 

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